EPO Update: Lithuania accedes to the London Agreement

On 22 January 2009, the Republic of Lithuania deposited its instrument of accession to the Agreement of 17 October 2000 on the application of Article 65 EPC (“London Agreement”, see OJ EPO 2001, 549). Under Article 6(2), the Agreement thus entered into force for Lithuania as 15th contracting state on 1 May 2009.

However, before you get too excited, those well-versed in your EPO National Law Tables will know that this “change” has no effect on the existing translation requirements in Lithuania.

The relevant provisions have already been transposed into domestic law and form the basis for the national practice (see Article 59(3)(2) and (3) Patent Law, as published in “Valstybės žinios” No. 85/2005). Lithuania does not require proprietors of European patents to supply a translation of the patent specification, irrespective of the language in which the Office granted the patent. However, a translation of the claims into Lithuanian is required.

Nice to see the Lithuanians joining the club though.  Sveiki, Lietuvos skaitytojai!

G3/08: amicus curiae briefs…

…have been published online at: http://www.epo.org/patents/appeals/eba-decisions/referrals/pending/briefs.html (for those with time on their hands).

Surprisingly, the majority appear to be from reputable parties, although I have not yet reviewed any for relevance or legal accuracy.

If anyone knows of, or discovers, a particularly useful or interesting submission please let me know.

UKIPO Green Channel

Green is the latest buzzword from the IPO. You can fast-track a UK patent application relating to green-ish inventions, see the notice at http://www.ipo.gov.uk/pro-types/pro-patent/p-law/p-pn/p-pn-green.htm

This appears to be nothing more than putting down “the invention is green” as an acceptable reason for accelerated Search, Combined Search and Examination, Publication, and/or Examination.

Generally, the UKIPO is pretty relaxed when it comes to reasons for acceleration and so this seems more a case of classic (“In the Thick of It”-style) political manoeuvring than anything else (as aptly demonstrated here: http://www.ipo.gov.uk/about/press/press-release/press-release-2009/press-release-20090512.htm ).

More (Uninspiring) EPO Updates

More Holidays for France

As well as the National Filing Office closures set out here:

the French Institute for Industrial Property (INPI) is also closed on Friday, 22 May 2009 and Monday, 13 July 2009.

Brimelow to Go

Current EPO President Alison Brimelow will apparently not be staying on when her contract ends in June 2010:
http://www.iam-magazine.com/Blog/Detail.aspx?g=c54c7e9c-28e0-42cf-9e10-389812ad3e60 .