Adobe Acrobat for (IP) Lawyers – Tip #1

Most electronic file systems use Adobe Acrobat’s PDF format for official documents.  It is often useful to add text boxes to these documents; e.g. to add a signature box to certify that a scanned document is a true copy of an original.

One problem with at least versions 7 and 8 of Acrobat is that there is no obvious way to change the properties of the text in the text box. Luckily, the Acrobat User Forums (or more precisely a user named inixia) has the answer:

1. Select “Tools – Comment & Markup – Text Box Tool” [to add a text box];
2. Type any text within the text box and HIGHLIGHT it; and
3. Press CTRL + e (Control button and “e” at the same time).

A hidden “Text Box Text Properties” tool bar will appear allowing you to change the text properties.

Textbox Properties Tool Bar

When you unselect the text (e.g. by clicking on the edges of the text box) the newly-appeared tool bar also allows you to change the properties of the box itself (such as border/fill properties).

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