The EPO has released some new material that maybe useful for those that work with computer-implemented inventions:

e-learning slide-show:
Part I: http://academy.epo.org/e_learning/cii_module_i/player.html
Part II: http://academy.epo.org/e_learning/cii_module_ii/player.html

and revised Patents for Software booklet: http://www.epo.org/about-us/publications/general-information/patents-for-software.html?update

Whilst the more cynical among you may see these as hastily-rushed out PR-tools for the public spotlight of G3/08, I was actually quite impressed by the slide-shows (apart from the (mis)pronunciation of “patent”). Together they last about half-an-hour and may be useful as training for those pre-EQE or as a refresher for those with upcoming Appeals/Oral Proceedings in the CII area. As a warning though, they do contain sounds (and moving images).

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