Changes to IP Civil Procedure Rules (UK)

On 1 October 2010 the 53rd Update to the Civil Procedure Rules comes into force.

The Rules relating to Intellectual Property Claims (Part 63) are updated to introduce reforms to the Patents County Court system; in particular, a number of caps on costs are being introduced for low value claims. It is hoped this will reduce the cost and risk for small to medium sized businesses.

The blurb from the Ministry of Justice is as follows:

Part 63 Intellectual Property Claims and PD63 Intellectual Property Claims

The rules and Practice Direction are amended to provide a simpler route for lower value claims including scale costs for each stage of the process with a total cap on costs of £50,000.00 for a claim relating to liability and £25,000 for an inquiry as to damages or account of profits. Consequential amendments are made to PD30, Part 45 and the Costs Practice Direction.

More details concerning the draft amendments can be found in the implementing SI.

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