CPD for Newly-Qualified UK Patent Attorneys

As IPReg begins to find its feet I thought I would clarify the practice for newly-qualified attorneys.

Newly-qualified attorneys do not need to meet the CPD requirements in the year that they qualify – the requirements start on 1 January the following year. So, for example, I became UK-qualified in 2011 and so I need to start recording my CPD activity from 1 January 2012 (for Guidelines on CPD compliance see: here).

Newly-qualified attorneys do, however, need to complete a “CPD and Other Regulatory Information” form (as of 2012). This has a check-box to declare that you qualified in the previous year. The form then needs to be signed and returned to IPReg by end of February.

I could not find the new form on the IPReg website, so if you are missing one I would email ipreg@ipreg.org.uk.

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