Case Law Review – T 531/09


T 531/09

Claimed Subject Matter:

Checkpoint Simulation.

The invention concerns the simulation of a security checkpoint. It could be the sort of familiar security checkpoint used at airports, but is not limited to that. The simulation is carried out by computer.

Tasks at the checkpoint are modelled as probabilistic events, each taking a certain time to perform, which may depend on what happens in preceding tasks. Two of the tasks simulated involve technical equipment, namely a walk-through metal detector and (possibly) an x-ray device.


The appellant referred to T 1227/05, which is discussed in the linked case law review. However, the board concluded that simulation of a checkpoint was not inherently technical.

Even though the probabilistic equations referred to technical devices (e.g. metal detectors and x-rays), these devices were modelled no differently from other non-technical tasks such as the queuing of people. Hence, their inclusion did not contribute to a technical character.

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