Automated Law: Simple Claim Breakdown Function

Patent attorneys: we care about the independent claims. An independent claim is a paragraph of text that defines an invention. Each invention has a number of discrete features. Can I build a function to spilt a claim into its component features?

The answer is possibly. Here is one way I could go about doing it.

First I would start with a JavaScript file: claimAnalysis.js. I would link this to an HTML page: claimAnalysis.html. This HTML page would have a large text box to copy and paste the text of an independent claim.

On a keyup() or onchange() event I would then run the following algorithm:

  • Get text as from text box as a string.
  • Set character placemarker as 0.
  • From placemarker, find character from set of character:s [“,”, “:”, “;”,”-” or new line].
  • Store characters from 0 to found character index as string in array.
  • Repeat last two steps until “.” or end of text.

From this we should have a rough breakdown of a claim into feature string arrays. It will not be perfect but it would make a good start.

We can then show each located string portion in the array to a user. For example, with JavaScript we can add a table within a form containing input text boxes in rows. Each text box can contain a string portion. We can also add a checkbox to each portion or table row.

The user can then be offered “spilt” or “join” option buttons.

  • “Split” requires only one selection.
  • The user is told to place the cursor/select text in the box where they want the split to occur (using selectionStart property?).
  • Two features are then created based on the cursor position or selected text.
  • “Join” requires > 1 features to be selected via the checkboxes.
  • All selected features are combined into one string portion in one text box which replaces the previous text boxes (possibly by redrawing the table).

Once any splitting or joining is complete the user can confirm the features. A confirm button could use the POST method to input the features to a PHP script that saves them as XML on the server.

<claim><number>1</number><feature id="1">A method for doing something comprising:</feature>...</claim>

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