Patent Forms 9A & 10

Patent Forms 9A and 10 have been updated by the UKIPO to include a request for consent to share the results of the search / examination with other patent offices.

PF9A has a new section 7; PF10 a new section 4; each feature a simple “yes”/”no” check box. Updated forms can be found here. The forms came into force on 4 Oct 2009 (announcement in the Journal was provided today).

I believe worksharing deals have been arranged with the Australian and Canadian Patent Offices to allow office-led sharing of search/examination documentation. I do not know of any sanctions for withholding consent.

The blurb on the back of the forms is as follows:

“In order to promote efficient and high quality patent processing internationally, we are cooperating with other patent offices to share the results of examination where they are available. If you are requesting that substantive examination takes place before your application is published we may accordingly receive a request from another patent office for the details of the examination we have carried out before your application is published and we could not provide those details without your consent. Any sharing will be carried out on a confidential basis and the results will not become publicly available through the other patent office before publication takes place in the UK.”

In other news: from 4th October 2009, a £10 fee reduction will be introduced for e-filed UK patent applications or e-filed search or examination requests.  There is also a new Priority Document Access Service from WIPO and some amendments to Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Part 63.

Someone has been busy.

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