Early Advent Present from the EPO

The EPO has released a draft version of the Guidelines for Examination that will come into force in April 2010:


Lest we forget that these Guidelines are not in force, and may change in whole or part, “DRAFT” is helpfully watermarked across each page.

My favourite sections (of the Complete PDF) so far include:
– pages 84 to 88 discussing the new divisional rules
– pages 121/122 and 385-387 on the Rule 161 changes
– page 182 on Internet Searches
– pages 211 to 216 on changes to Search Procedure
– pages 250/251 on the response to the Search Opinion
– pages 290/291/307 on R.43(2) communication
– pages 335 to 340 on Disclosure (incl. Internet and “non-traditional”)
– pages 354/355 on Inventive Step
– pages 403 to 406 on R.137(4) communication

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