EPO Updates – Extension State Grace Period & Changes in EP-PCT Fees

Extension State Grace Period:

Where the deadline for paying designation/extension fees (i.e. the “normal period”) expires on or after 1 January 2010:

If the fee for an extension state has not been paid within the normal period, the applicant can pay the extension fee in combination with a 50% surcharge:

a) within two months of expiry of the basic period (“re-introduced grace period”) or

b) within two months of notification of a communication of loss of rights with regard to the omitted payment of a designation fee (applies at present).

[see http://www.epo.org/patents/law/legal-texts/journal/informationEPO/archive/20091102.html ]

Changes in EP-PCT Fees

From 1 January 2010, there are minor changes to the International Fee and E-Filing reductions for PCT applications filed at the EPO:
International filing fee: from EUR 848 to EUR 878
Fee per sheet in excess of 30: EUR 10 (unchanged)
* Electronic filing (the request being in character coded format) from EUR 128 to EUR 132
* Electronic filing (in character coded format) from EUR 191 to EUR 198
Handling fee: from EUR 121 to EUR 132

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