Quick Search Hack for European Patent Application Numbers

On official communications from the European Patent Office (EPO) the application number is listed in the form: 13123456.9.

However, to search for this patent application on the European Register you need to use:  EP13123456 – i.e. you need to add EP and remove the check digit.  

This is often a pain. It is especially a pain if you have performed optical character recognition on a scanned-in communication. In this case you cannot copy the application number directly from the PDF into the European Register search bar.

A quick solution (until the EPO fix it): this little bit of HTML and Javascript.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>EP Quick Search</title>

function changeNumber()
	var n = document.getElementById("number");
	var number = n.value;
	var start = "EP";
	var end_of_num = number.length-2;
	number = start.concat(number.substring(0, end_of_num));
	url = "https://register.epo.org/application?number=";
	url = url.concat(number, "&tab=main");
	window.open(url, '_blank')

<input type="textbox" id="number" value=""/>
<button onclick="changeNumber()">GO!</button>

Save this as an HTML file on your computer and add it as a favourite. Now just paste the application number in the box and search!

[To do – extend to GB and WO online patent registers.]

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