How to Avoid PDF Patent Filing Errors

This is hopefully a solution to a problem that has driven me mad for years.

When attaching PDF documents you often see errors from patent online filing software. For PCT applications a usual one is that a set of PDF Figures are not ‘Annex F compliant’ or the page numbers are not calculated properly.

One way around this is to use the Amyuni PDF printer driver that is supplied with the European Patent Office online filing software. However, this also tends to garble a PDF document .

I think there is another, better way:
– Choose to print the document.
– Select an AdobePDF ‘printer’ (assuming you have an Acrobat print driver installed).
– Select the ‘properties’ of this printer.
– Where it says “Default Settings” change “Standard” to one of the “PDF/A” options.
– Also, while you are here, click the “Paper/Quality” tab and select “Black & White”.
– Click OK and print.
The document should then print (better than the Amyuni driver). You should then be able to upload it without errors and it should pass the online filing validation checks. 



Update: My US colleagues advise that for US Patent Office compliance CutePDF is recommend – .

2 thoughts on “How to Avoid PDF Patent Filing Errors

  1. Dear Ben,

    Thank you for the useful information about avoiding errors when transforming documents to PDF. I came across your information when I was looking for problems with the Amyuni PDF printer driver.

    I have a couple of times experienced that Amyuni picks the wrong document and wonder if it is what you mentions as “garble” ?

    It seems like Amyuni “locks” on the last file name and instead of uploading the (Word-) document you ask for it uploads the document before once again.

    Scary indeed as you think you convert one document and in reality it is another.

    Ever come across this with Amyuni or similar software?

    /Marcus Schmidt
    Patent expert

  2. Dear Marcus,

    Yes, the same thing has happened to me twice in the last 6 months during the patent filing process.

    Both times we used the EPO version of Amyuni to convert Word documents to pdf. Even if we wrote a new name to the file to convert, it picked the last source file (not the actual) and converted it again.

    I seems to happen randomly as we made many similar conversions during the same period and they all went well. (I hope…). Today we use another solution for the conversions.

    The computer we ran Amyuni on is a regular office PC with 64 bit Windows 7, the Amyuni version was 4.5.


    Steve Brown
    In-house Patent Attorney

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